My name is Jason Stephens. I was born in September 1988. I grew up in the Boise foothills in the Robie Creek area. I graduated from Boise State University after attending Timberline High School.

I moved to Florida in December of 2013. I began studying at Florida Atlantic University in 2014 and I aim to graduate the fall of 2016.

My life is set between the virtual and the real world. I’ve invested years of time in front of screens and I’ve spent over a year in the saddle of a bicycle traversing my nation, the United States of America. There are a lot more similarities than differences between the two spaces and the experience of self in the virtual allows for an exploration in the real.

I’m interested in fiction and writing fiction that champions the relationship between those spaces. I’m also very interested in the layers of landscape that occupy both and present themselves as the mark of similarity. The distance in the real and suggested by the virtual creates the same feeling of an expanse. The difference is the occupation and the presence of the viewer. The way a character becomes a performance of self offers an interesting complication to the way we see ourselves and the way we look out at distance, which is a natural place to imagine a future. Just as the thought of what is behind is inextricably linked to what is in our past.

The natural way we speak about landscapes, distance, and time all integrate into an understanding of what our relationship is with ourselves. Because the game creates an expanse for a character, but the distance doesn’t change for us, I wonder how much of those in-game moments help us explore something within our own fantasy of that expanse without actually traveling to find it.

Thank you for visiting my site, reach out if you feel like it.